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OK, Android OS, you win!

by synergy on November 15, 2016 No comments

We give up!  You win.   Our customer had a great idea to use the Android tablets and smartphones to emulate a USB stick so field technicians could do in-field firmware upgrades using the phone in their pocket and the USB port on the manufacturers equipment.    Our proof of concept in January worked great – so we wrapped an App around the concept.  But before testing could even begin, Android changed the default file structure for the USB emulation.   Then started limiting connections.   Now blocking flash drive emulation.    Must be security driven.  Too bad!  Our customer had a great idea.

Not to be stopped, same idea but moving to WiFi as interface. Not quite as attractive to manufacture as it requires an added dongle at the equipment for some models, but looking like a great solution for their customers.

BTW – Andrew is updating relationship status to “ in love with Atmel WINC1500”!

synergyOK, Android OS, you win!

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