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Going All-In with Microchip Harmony

by synergy on November 16, 2016 No comments

Our valued and trusted FAEs with Microchip have given us the green flag….so we are going all-in with Harmony.    Harmony entices with some excellent potential for tighter integration of library features for easier development and integration of proven implementations.   We all have agreed that the old style of Microchip sample projects had to go.  Too many portage issues in the journey through the “forest of #defines” that had to be traversed to bring the sample code from demo kit to actual hardware.   So we have been monitoring Harmony’s maturation and acceptance.

Our customers rely heavily on our decisions and expertise, so this is not a decision to be taken lightly. With production in the tens of thousands, small issues become amplified. And with time to market always critical, design stops due to library bugs can be very costly.

So we are porting 2 separate “next-generation” projects to this platform. Both projects are also moving from the PIC32MX to PIC32M, hopefully, absorbing some of the new intricacies of the MZ platform into the new framework of Harmony.

We are excited and optimistic! Will keep you posted!!

synergyGoing All-In with Microchip Harmony

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