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Alexa, Increase my sales

by synergy on January 19, 2017 No comments

Happy New Year!   I had sat down prepared to blog about design for manufacturing this month. …     But –  still excited from CES 2017,  and from our holiday gift exchanges – Amazon Echo’s Alexa has captured our attention.    Amazon’s Echo Alexa (and other Voice AI devices) are providing us interesting new ways to interact with our electronic products and information.

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synergyAlexa, Increase my sales

Going All-In with Microchip Harmony

by synergy on November 16, 2016 No comments

Our valued and trusted FAEs with Microchip have given us the green flag….so we are going all-in with Harmony.    Harmony entices with some excellent potential for tighter integration of library features for easier development and integration of proven implementations.   We all have agreed that the old style of Microchip sample projects had to go.  Too many portage issues in the journey through the “forest of #defines” that had to be traversed to bring the sample code from demo kit to actual hardware.   So we have been monitoring Harmony’s maturation and acceptance.

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synergyGoing All-In with Microchip Harmony