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Alexa, Increase my sales

by synergy on January 19, 2017 No comments

Happy New Year!   I had sat down prepared to blog about design for manufacturing this month. …     But –  still excited from CES 2017,  and from our holiday gift exchanges – Amazon Echo’s Alexa has captured our attention.    Amazon’s Echo Alexa (and other Voice AI devices) are providing us interesting new ways to interact with our electronic products and information.

The machine to machine interaction is relatively obvious (and exciting).  For example, “Alexa turn on my spa lights” or “Alexa,  pause my irrigation” – provides us a really cool mechanism to control cloud managed, WiFi based devices.   Adding voice control – either as a skill or embedding Alexa into a product – is an extension of the infrastructure we all have been developing during this IoT renaissance.


But this technology also brings about new ways of getting your brand and electronic information to your target customers.  Glad Wrap, Dominos pizza, and many others have targeted skills for example.   But a small yoga studio in Western Ireland helped us understand that this might be even further reaching.  They have asked us to help them provide instant schedule updates to their members and updated reminder of the class schedule appended to a member’s morning news flash.   A clever idea to have a daily reminder of their brand and subtle morning nudge to keep classes full too.  As an Amazon Developer, this task is not complicated and well within reach for a small business marketing budget.

Next time you are in Galway – be sure to ask Alexa to get your yoga on with Yoga Yoga!

synergyAlexa, Increase my sales

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