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Jeff McFarland, Founder

Jeff leads Synergy in all aspects. A mechanical engineer by training, he quickly moved to his passion–software engineering.

Lynn McFarland, Founder
Lynn, originally a graphic artist, she keeps Synergy running on time yet still keeps things fun.
Bill Reddy, Senior HW Engineer
Bill is our hardware “guru” at Synergy. His passion is interfacing the real world to the digital one.
Jason Milligan, Industrial Designer

Jason can make your project both beautiful and manufacturable. His work always surprises and delights.

Andrew Gudeman, SW Engineer

Andrew is our newest code slinger. From PICs to embedded Linux, Andrew will make things happen in ones and zeros.

Coleen Lewis, Lead Assembler

Colleen breathes life into those tiny parts on the boards. She can tackle any project you may have.

Juan Durgin, Senior Technician

Juan is our senior technician and can fill in the blanks from design to production to any modification and testing that your project needs.

Art Dwyer, Layout, Risetime Design

Art Dwyer has been providing PCB Layout for 20 years.  His expertise with multi-layer boards, matched impedance, and critical layout – plus his tight attention to detail – has made him a critical member of our team.

Basham and Associates

The Basham’s are a premier manufacturer’s rep firm with over 25 years of relationships in this industry of PCBs and Contract Assembly.  Mike and Mike bring excellent relationships to Synergy Electronics and synergistic resources to your projects.

Why us?

  • Bright ideas

    Synergy keeps fresh and out front just enough to stay sharp with the latest tools and ideas. We are eager to meet with you.

  • Passionate work

    We love to come to work everyday and help our clients desires become reality. We convert the theoretical into the practical.

  • Custom design

    Every project we see is unique, but our process is fine tuned to make things a reality. Work with us. We enjoy people as much as projects.

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Our Skills

We have full life cycle skills from industrial Design Staff for ideation and concept work to detailed hardware design, packaging design, firmware and software engineers and production staff. We also provide full logistical support. We are located in the Scottdale-Phoenix hub, home to thousands of specialist for outsourcing that can scale to fit your business needs.

Firmware Software Engineering
Hardware Design
Industrial Design

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