Electronics Design Services


Synergy is ``right-sized.`` Not too small and not too big--On purpose. This allows for efficient and agile development.


We move quickly from concept to fully manufacturable solutions. Your projects need to move forward rapidly in today's competitive world.


Use our production line to validate in the short term, or for 20 years. We offer complete turn-key manufacturing and logistics, or plug us into your organization's systems.

  • Bring us your Ideas

    Synergy can guide you through the entire process to bring your ideas to reality. We have vast experience working with small entrepreneurs to large well established companies.

  • Passionate work

    We are passionate about shipping and delivering. We love our work and our clients. If you are passionate about your idea, we guarantee we will be as well.

  • Design Process.

    Our design process is deliberate, yet focused. We work to understand your needs and will make these a reality!

  • Swift Support

    We are a small design firm that has a structure that enables close contact with our clients, meeting their needs swiftly. Your success means our success.

  • Keys to Success

    We sharpen our skills almost weekly bringing new technologies into our “wheelhouse” …while drawing on 20 years experience. Focus, passion and commitment to our customer’s success.

  • Local and International

    We have local expertise yet deal with customers around the world. We can meet you on your own time zones as needed.










User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) makes all the difference. We can help you connect with simple buttons, touch-screens, Apps, or whatever fits your customer’s needs and your project and cost budgets.

Software/Firmware Engineering

Synergy has vast experience with firmware development and software engineering. Our methods and processes provide for clean, stable and manageable code. From simple PIC processors to powerful ARM chipsets, we can guide you through the right path for your project.

Enclosure Design

Enclosure design is one of our strengths. We are fluent in matching the tooling to the project and budget. Since we almost always build the first production run, we make certain that everything works well together. Oh and yes, we can make it look great!

Circuit Board Design and Layout

Our engineers are experienced in digital and analog designs and we can take you from a specification (we can help you write one if you need) to design, to circuit layout to physical prototypes. We have the tools and expertise to make things a breeze.

Welcome to our company. We are an electronics design firm passionate about the success of your ideas.

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